BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise (Level 2)

Key Stage 4

BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise (Level 2)

Why is the study of Enterprise important?


Learning about and experiencing enterprise whilst still at school can have several benefits. It gives you the confidence that you can set up your own business or social enterprise. Students can often have ideas that can be taken forward in enterprise projects, engagement with enterprise education can help make this happen.

Enterprise education can encourage students to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, and key values. It can help to develop practical skills like oral and written communication, and personal skills such as creativity, being able to negotiate, and being flexible and open-minded. It can encourage a ‘I can do this’ confidence, develop creative questioning, and a realisation that it is ok to take risks.

The business economy and the world is changing, Enterprise can help us to develop to keep up with the pace.

  • What skills will the study of Enterprise teach you?

    The main focus is on the knowledge; understanding and skills required to research, plan, pitch and review an enterprise idea that includes:

    • Development of key skills that prove aptitude in planning an enterprise activity, including market research, planning, carrying out financial transactions, communication and problem solving
    • Knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, such as the features and characteristics of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and the internal and external factors that can affect the performance of an enterprise
    • Attitudes and ways of working that are considered most important for enterprise, including monitoring and reflecting on performance of an enterprise idea and own use of skills
  • What will you know and understand from your study of Enterprise?

    You will develop:

    • Knowledge and skills through vocational contexts by studying the knowledge, behaviours and skills related to researching, planning, pitching and reviewing an enterprise idea
    • Develop your technical skills, such as market research skills, planning, promotional and financial skills using realistic work
    • You will investigate scenarios, and develop your personal skills, (such as monitoring own performance, time management and problem solving) through a practical and skills-based approach to learning and assessment
  • How does your study of Enterprise support your study in other subjects?

    Tech award in Enterprise, like other business subjects, has many cross-curricular links. It can link with History and Geography – learning about other countries ways of doing business.

    It also links with Maths, as money is a key factor in the decisions made by most businesses.

    Marketing in Enterprise can also link with Art because it is a highly creative area in any business. Law links can be seen across the various strands as all businesses have to follow legislation, and these can vary according to what country the business is operating in.

    English is a key factor as written and verbal communication is key in any business and central to success on this course.

    Another main benefit to students in studying Enterprise is that it can strengthen person skills and support you to challenge and develop yourself in ways you might not have thought possible.

  • How can Enterprise support your future?

    From Level 2 you may consider studying Enterprise at A level or through Level 3 qualifications. This also provides routes and links to degree options at university.

    Career paths/jobs related to your study of Enterprise include:

    • Retail
    • Customer Service
    • Marketing
    • Events management
    • Business Administration


    Courses linked to Enterprise:

    • KS4 Maths, Retail Business, ICT and other KS5 options

Student Testimonial

“I studied the BTEC Business pathway and really enjoyed it, I like that its real life. I stayed at Sirius and have studied Business A Level. The teachers were great, and I enjoyed the lessons. I am now going on to university to study Sports Journalism”

Bradley Shreeve – Yr 13 student

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