Key Stage 4


Why is the study of English important? 


English is a subject that has the power to inspire and empower students. It enables them to communicate effectively and enriches their emotional intelligence to gain an understanding of wider contexts and worlds.  Throughout their time at Sirius Academy West, reading a variety of challenging literary texts will enable students to explore big issues in the world today and study the language used by different writers to express and challenge opinions and viewpoints. Students will also be inspired to continue reading for pleasure and, in turn, use their imaginations to improve their own writing skills and creativity.


It is within this rich and diverse subject that students gain the confidence to vary their own writing structures, uses of vocabulary, and linguistic features in a successful manner, enabling them to communicate effectively throughout their lives. Our curriculum will teach students to appreciate all styles of fiction and non-fiction writing and be able to vary their own writing convincingly for different purposes, whilst conveying their own personalities through their work. They will be encouraged to have a voice and to present their own arguments with fluency and passion.

English Learning Journey – VIEW

  • What will you learn?

    English Language and Literature helps students develop in a range of areas in order to become confident and independent learners. At Sirius Academy West, skills for oral and written communication are developed; students are encouraged to critically question texts and the world around them. A variety of different forms of writing, from a range of historical eras, will be explored to help students develop important skills such as:

    • to interact with other people confidently, presenting an independent viewpoint
    • to participate in discussions, working in collaboration with others
    • to write accurately and with expression for a variety of audiences and purposes
    • to use language persuasively and effectively to promote opinions and views
    • to entertain others by using language effectively
    • to be able to plan, draft and edit extended written work
    • to read challenging texts for enjoyment and to learn new things
    • to analyse texts closely in order to explore a range of different interpretations
    • to explore big ideas and issues that are present in a text and how they link to the real world
    • to understand the differences between different historical eras and social contexts
    • to develop an awareness and appreciation of different cultures
    • to understand how writers are influenced by the world around them.
  • How is the curriculum implemented?

    English is a subject that captures students’ imaginations and we will continuously build upon skills, equipping them with opportunities in lessons to discuss and develop ideas with one another and take part in group and team activities that allow them to take on different roles. Our students will be challenged to interpret concepts in poems, plays and novels; they will question the texts’ meaning and why they have been written. They will be encouraged to seek answers to their own questions and embrace their inquisitive minds.

    At Sirius Academy West, students explore the morality of characters in Macbeth, the Victorian contextual issues revealed through Scrooge in A Christmas Carol and the diverse, cultural differences presented in Mulligan’s novel Trash. Our curriculums provide opportunities to explore the lives of others from different times and different worlds and to learn from them, improving their cultural capital and understanding of the wider world.

  • Careers in English

    The study of English Language and English Literature develops essential transferable skills that are relevant and beneficial to a wide range of occupations. Skills such as exploration, analysis, evaluation, and interpretation are highly regarded by colleges, universities and employers and the opportunity for creativity promotes independent thought.


    As well as there being opportunities for study at a higher level, the skills gathered when reading English also benefits the study of other subjects. An understanding of grammar and literacy, as well as being able to plan well-structured and cohesive essays, benefits all subjects where written work is an essential component.


    English students can move into a wide range of careers. Here are a few examples:

    • Digital copywriter
    • Editorial assistant
    • Teacher
    • Lawyer
    • Lexicographer
    • Magazine journalist
    • Newspaper journalist
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Screenwriter
    • Publishing copy-editor/proof-reader
    • Web content manager
    • Writer
    • Academic librarian
    • Advertising copywriter
    • Arts administrator
    • Education consultant
    • Information officer
    • Learning mentor
    • Marketing executive
    • Media researcher
    • Private tutor
    • Public relations officer
    • Records manager
    • Social media manager

Student Testimonial

“I enjoy English because I get the chance to express myself through different types of writing or debates in my class – it feels like my opinions matter. We get the chance to read a lot and the texts I have studied are interesting. My teacher encourages me to discuss my thoughts and it has made me a more confident person.” – Year 8 student

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