BTEC Tech Award in Travel and Tourism (Level 2)

Key Stage 4

BTEC Tech Award in Travel and Tourism (Level 2)

Why is the study of Travel and Tourism important?


Ever envision yourself leading tours of exotic, international locations? Maybe you’d love to head out onto the high seas as a cruise director. Or how about working with clients to plan their ultimate vacation, making sure every detail is taken care of to make their trip as memorable as possible? Sound like you? Then the tourism industry might be the perfect fit.

Studying a travel & tourism will help you gain industry-specific skills like: Industry knowledge. Knowledge of travel and tourism laws and regulations. Knowledge of the impact of travel and tourism on local cultures, societies and economies.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, global travel spending is expected to reach over $1.8 trillion by 2024. You’ll find endless opportunities to pursue career paths in areas that range from high-end travel to rugged outdoor adventure, and even management and event planning. Tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK in employment terms, Travel and tourism contribute significantly to the economy in the United Kingdom (UK). In 2021, an estimated 131.5 billion British pounds of the country’s gross domestic product was generated, directly and indirectly, by this sector. In 2022, the Travel & Tourism sector contributed 7.6% to global GDP; an increase of 22% from 2021 and only 23% below 2019 levels. In 2022, there were 22 million new jobs, representing a 7.9% increase on 2021, and only 11.4% below 2019.

The outlook for the travel and tourism sector in 2023 remains robust and it will continue to be at the forefront of wealth and employment creation in the global economy.

  • What skills will the study of Travel and Tourism teach you?

    The Award gives you the opportunity to develop sector -specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment

    • Skills such as researching different travel and tourism organisations, the features of tourist destinations , and the products and services available to meet the needs of different customers
    • Areas that are considered to be very important in the travel and tourism sector, including how to develop tourism while respecting the environment and local communities
  • What will you know and understand from your study of Travel and Tourism?

    You will develop:

    • Knowledge that underpins the effective use of skills, processes and attitudes in the sector such as the appeal of different tourist destinations to different types of customer, and the factors that influence travel and tourism
    • How Travel and Tourism businesses work together in different tourism destinations
  • How does your study of Travel and Tourism support your study in other subjects?

    Travel and Tourism, like a lot of other subjects, has many cross-curricular links. It can link with History and Geography – learning about other places and other Cultures.

    It also links with Maths as money is a key factor in the decisions made by businesses and Travel and Tourism organisations study passenger and flight statistics.

    Marketing in travel and tourism can also link with Art and Enterprise because it is a very creative area in any travel and tourism business.

    Law links can be seen across the various strands as all travel and tourism organisations have to follow legislation, and this can vary according to what country the business is operating in.

    English is a key factor as written and verbal communication is key in any business.

    A main benefit to students in studying Travel and Tourism is that it can strengthen your skills across a wide and varied curriculum.

  • How can Travel and support your future?

    From Level 2 you may consider studying Travel & Tourism at A-level or through Level 3 qualifications. This also provides routes and links to degree options at university. 

    Career options: 

    • Holiday representative
    • Travel Agent
    • Tour manager
    • Tourism officer
    • Tourist information centre manager
    • Event/Hotel sector Management
    • Airline Pilot
    • Air Steward/Stewardess
    • Air traffic Control
    • Working in Airports


    Course links: 

    • Business
    • Geography
    • History
    • Maths
    • English
    • Law

Student Testimonial

I loved this course as it let me research and learn about how to plan a holiday for a range of customers”

Libbie A Yr 11 student


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